Take a trip to Vegas

At Iranian Baptist Church, we do not hold an expectation of our partners to participate in our mission from ways away. We want to show you what God is doing in our city and have you experience the intense need for the gospel here in Las Vegas first-hand. If you have the conviction and passion to join God on his global mission, we are confident that God will tug at your heart for the amazing people here. We want to cordially invite you to join with us by taking a Vision Trip.

Vision Trips

Vision trips have been designed to show you the need that Las Vegas has for the gospel and allow you to see how active God’s been in our city. These trips are recommended for anybody interested in potentially moving to Las Vegas to be involved in our church plant. You will have the first-hand opportunity to see and pray over the city of Las Vegas, join our weekly groups, hear our stories, ask any questions you may have, and engage in all that Iranian Baptist Church is doing in this city. These trips typically last from 3-7 days, depending on the availability of your schedule.

Is God calling you to join His mission in spreading the gospel of Christ throughout the city of Las Vegas? We believe these trips will change the lives of anyone desiring to move to Las Vegas and we would encourage you to first take a vision trip, pray, and allow God to speak to you before making a decision.

If you are interested in participating in a Vision trip, please submit the form below and let us know!


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