The City of Him

Around the world, Las Vegas has been referred to as “Sin City”, meaning that it is the city of sin. But at the Iranian Baptist Church, we have come to know our city as “the City of Him” because of the good news that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us. Romans 6:20 says, “…where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” Not only do we believe that God has not given up on the city of Las Vegas, we believe He is on the move in this city more than ever!

People from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures have visit and made their homes here with 2,008,655 people currently living in Las Vegas. On average 39,727,022 people visit Las Vegas each year! Statistics have revealed that 92% of the population currently living in Las Vegas do not know Christ as their personal savior. We believe that by planting churches and preaching the gospel all throughout the city, not only will Jesus’s name be known throughout, but the city known as the city of sin will be become known as the city of Him!

Our City img 1 - Our City

THE PROBLEM: 92% of Las Vegas without a relationship with Christ

THE SOLUTION: More Gospel Saturated Churches planted throughout our city

THE PROBLEM: Many Christians oppressed in Islamic dominated countries

THE SOLUTION: Creating an environment where all nationalities can worship Christ freely